[Diningware] Diningware VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION What Type Of Bowl Do You Use For Your Porridge Do You Use A Wide Bowl That Is Less Deep This Makes More Room For Toppings But Less Room For The Actual Oats

Diningware VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION What Type Of Bowl Do You Use For Your Porridge Do You Use A Wide Bowl That Is Less Deep This Makes More Room For Toppings But Less Room For The Actual Oats

VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION What type of bowl do you use for your porridge Do you use a wide bowl that is less deep This makes more room for toppings but less room for the actual oats. Or do you use a deep bowl with a smaller diameter for more oats but less room for toppings Traditionally the Scots would u2018supu2019 porridge. They ate it out of large soup plates much like the one on the first slide. I guess it cools the porridge down quicker so you can eat it faster This is a very important question. Personally I go against traditional ways and prefer a deeper bowl because then the oats stay hot and I get more of the best bit (oats toppings plain oats are awesome ) Have a great day oatlings x

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  1. banana.b0ys says:

    @divamimi528 damn,,gotta love a girl who’s educated on her oats. Wanna get porridge sometime? You could make my breakfast even thiccer. And like you said, the deeper the better.

  2. little.bees.journey says:


  3. atul_gour_88 says:

    I use a shallow bowl with these ‘wings’ at the side that you can hold because the bowl can get quite hot to touch!

  4. passion4porridge_ says:

    @food_live_love ahh you’re very strategic in your bowl selection!

  5. passion4porridge_ says:

    @recovering.foodie a clear opinion: I like it!

  6. passion4porridge_ says:

    @recovering_lizzy67 yes that’s so satisfying 😊

  7. passion4porridge_ says:

    @_yoats_ you know it 🙌

  8. passion4porridge_ says:

    @disordered.diary nor can I! The more the better 😋😋

  9. passion4porridge_ says:

    @alpruthh GURL you are making me drool at the thought

  10. passion4porridge_ says:

    @veekkurecovering I LOVE cute bowls. They make the food taste even better somehow!

  11. passion4porridge_ says:

    @bowlofjoats exactly! No soupy oats for me 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️

  12. passion4porridge_ says:

    @hamlynsoats true!! I love them so much. Such a nice design

  13. passion4porridge_ says:

    @soph_lou_ash omg I agree with you about the mugs too! The More porridge and more tea (or coffee- whatever you put in your mugs) the better

  14. passion4porridge_ says:

    @marisunk top choice!

  15. passion4porridge_ says:

    @becoming_becca_ it’s so satisfying when you bury your spoon into a deep, delicious bowl isn’t it? I agree with your preference!

  16. passion4porridge_ says:

    @pis.ass I don’t know either! Personally I love plain oats as much as topped ones, but each to our own I guess. Luckily oats can easily be topped with a wide range of toppings so you can still eat them!

  17. passion4porridge_ says:

    @g3orgia_01 like momma bear- not too hot, not too cold, just right

  18. passion4porridge_ says:

    @ana_is_so_2000s best of both worlds!

  19. deenatracey says:

    @eilidhcurrie4 found ur new fave instapop x

  20. passion4porridge_ says:

    @recoverypug interesting! I’m so happy with the response from this post. It’s so intriguing finding out about people’s porridge habits

  21. passion4porridge_ says:

    @diary_of_a_jelly mmm just the thought of a deep delicious bowl of oats is making me warm inside

  22. passion4porridge_ says:

    @campos_paneda awww love 💖

  23. passion4porridge_ says:

    @gladiole.glays I use different toppings every day, and different types of oats too! Some finer grains, some chunky grains, coarse grains etc. Maybe add fruit, nuts, chocolate, cereal. Anything!

  24. passion4porridge_ says:

    @wildberrryy noooooo rip lost oats ❤️ that’s a smart idea though!

  25. passion4porridge_ says:

    @emily_dowlingg mind tricks! Haha. I think deeper bowls look like there are more oats

  26. food_live_love says:

    @passion4porridge_ thats true😂😂

  27. passion4porridge_ says:

    @fitness_addict_tasha that’s my fave!

  28. passion4porridge_ says:

    @em_smittie thanks for the detailed answer! I love finding out people’s porridge habits

  29. passion4porridge_ says:

    @recovery.melody yeah I understand! In our house we never throw bowls away until they break so I have them of all shapes, sizes and colours 😂 if we don’t like any Bowls, we use them for cat food bowls instead 😂

  30. passion4porridge_ says:

    @digitalghostnyc less washing up for you!

  31. passion4porridge_ says:

    @shuzyeo_ you’d do well with a soup bowl then!

  32. passion4porridge_ says:

    @xcupcakex16 I agree!! I couldn’t have morning porridge without toppings

  33. passion4porridge_ says:

    @watermelonandcoffee so you could say you’re flexiBOWL when it comes to your bowl choices 😂

  34. passion4porridge_ says:

    @eliza.cloudy 🙌🙌 more oats that way!

  35. passion4porridge_ says:

    @divamimi528 I think you summed up my view on it there too! Great minds think alike

  36. passion4porridge_ says:

    @little.bees.journey just all of it!!! So good

  37. passion4porridge_ says:

    @atul_gour_88 ouch! I know the pain of hot bowls. That’s a good idea

  38. digitalghostnyc says:

    @passion4porridge_ Exactly, and I don't have to buy a plate

  39. eilidhcurrie4 says:

    @deenatracey omg I have so much to say about the depth of porridge bowl

  40. recovery.melody says:

    @passion4porridge_ hahahaha, honestly it’s the same at my mum and dads house, sooo many different types! I haven’t quite accumulated such a collection yet!

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