[Diningtable] This Post Is For The Woodworkers Out There I’ve Got A Lot Of Questions About Epoxy Work And Void Filling So Here’s The Rundown The Last Pic Shows All The Gear I Use 1 Spray Diningtable

This Post Is For The Woodworkers Out There I’ve Got A Lot Of Questions About Epoxy Work And Void Filling So Here’s The Rundown The Last Pic Shows All The Gear I Use 1 Spray Diningtable

This post is for the woodworkers out there Iu2019ve got a lot of questions about epoxy work and void filling so hereu2019s the rundown The last pic shows all the gear I use 1. Spray down the area with polycyclic. This keeps the epoxy from soaking into spunky wood and end grain. It dries quick and barely penetrates the wood making sanding very easy 2. Get a vacuum chamber and pump on amazon This is the only way to remove all the bubbles that are impossible not to stir in. If anyone else has a different (economical) method of removing bubbles please drop that intel in the comments Swirl the cup inside the vacuum chamber to agitate and break the bubbles otherwise youu2019ll just be making epoxy muffins (youu2019ll see what I mean when you try it). 3. Pouring into your void will still create bubbles from the displacement of air. Those will be larger and easy to burn off with a hand torch. Heat guns suck for this just kiss the bubbles with the flame as they come up. If your making smoke youu2019re too hot. That about covers it By no means is this the only way to do it but this is a good start towards getting professional results. If you have other suggestions please drop them in the comments

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  1. waywardgrain says:

    @jackpinewoodworks not too expensive and feels good to not have all those bubbles 😛

  2. kennedycustomwoodworking says:

    I’ve read that it’s the co2 and not the heat of the torch that causes bubbles to rise. Any input?

  3. waywardgrain says:

    @kennedycustomwoodworking @blacktailstudio it will take longer to pull you vacuum and that extra time will cut into your workable time. Get that extra slow hardener if you want to go big on the vac chamber.

  4. waywardgrain says:

    @kennedycustomwoodworking what’s the source of the co2?

  5. phile10 says:


  6. kylenoonandesigns says:

    I have seen people use these Mohawk quick fill burn in sticks to cover up those persistent bubbles. You just need to heat up the stick and the area and apply. It blends in an looks like part of the wood instead of a bubble. They come in all different shades. Here is a link. https://www.amazon.com/Mohawk-Quick-Fill-Burn-Stick/dp/B00BOTWQJY/ref=as_sl_pc_tf_til?tag=stoncoatcoun-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=6638768ab972a034c7372743e31e6973&creativeASIN=B00BOTWQJY

  7. kennedycustomwoodworking says:

    @waywardgrain the torch. I’ve heard of guys doing night clubs and bars bringing in buckets of dry ice to sit near the bar top. Also when I did a table top pour, lightly blowing on it had the same effect as the torch, just not as efficient.

  8. waywardgrain says:

    @kennedycustomwoodworking interesting! I thought it was the heat that broke the surface tension. I’ll have to look into it!

  9. ncgorman says:

    @ecopoxy liquid plastic, eco-friendly and no bubbles

  10. snturner10 says:

    I never thought about using the policyclic. That's a good idea

  11. redfishwoodworks says:

    Placing the resin in warm-hot water for 10-15 min really helps with bubbles while stirring. I Have the same chamber and you can only degas a very small amount at a time. Thought about using the chamber itself for degassing and cleaning with acetone. Also spraying acetone over the surface of the epoxy is a good way to relieve surface tension and allow bubbles to rise easier To pop with torch.

  12. redfishwoodworks says:

    @redfishwoodworks oh and I use shelac in a spray can the same way you use the acrylic

  13. urchik4 says:


  14. beyondstockllc says:

    What grit do you use to sand off the resin after it dries? Also, what do you use as a top coat to make the resin crystal clear? We normally use 10 sheen commercial grade finishes from AcromaPro, but not sure if a matte finish will show a crystal clear resin.

  15. chris_tish says:

    I just ordered a set up on amazon (novice woodworker here) going to use for even small epoxy pours. Also I bet you could marinade steak or chicken i one of these set ups!

  16. chris_tish says:


  17. b_inspireddesigns says:

    @waywardgrain I am under the same impression. So either stand there blowing or grab a torch 🤣😂🤣. I like the torch

  18. allfourguitars says:

    Thanks for sharing! Very neat process 🙏👍

  19. muaythaity says:

    Nice post! I’m saving this.

  20. doubble_b says:

    West systems, if I remember right, suggests spraying a fine must of alcohol to release the bubbles that surface. I have not personally tried it though.

  21. isa.266 says:

    @felix.streng das Profil :)🙌🏼

  22. shahidzadehreza says:

    What is the thickness of resin you used in inch or centimeter?

  23. jasonchasedesignerofawesome says:

    f#ck bubbles!

  24. waywardgrain says:

    @b_inspireddesigns yea I tried blowing the propane gas on it without the flame so I think that one is debunked 🤔

  25. waywardgrain says:

    @kylenoonandesigns nice! Thanks for the heads up I’ll look into it!

  26. waywardgrain says:

    @ncgorman how does it not get bubbles? I’ve never used it so I don’t know. Is it really runny or something so the bubbles you stir in rise to the surface?

  27. waywardgrain says:

    @snturner10 yea it works really well! Some suggested using wax and I thought the poly would be a better option. I really don’t like the stuff for general finishing so luckily I found a use for the can I had!

  28. waywardgrain says:

    @redfishwoodworks nice! Shellac or sanding sealer are the first recommended options I stumbled across but went with the poly since it doesn’t penetrate the grain at all. Have you tried swirling the vacuum chamber? It’s the only way to break up all those bubbles and keep them from bubbling over the top 👊👊

  29. waywardgrain says:

    @beyondstockllc 150 grit and finish at 400. I don’t like it being crystal clear but it is neat when you can see through the resin. I use Liberon finishing oil for finish 👊

  30. waywardgrain says:

    @chris_tish oh I should try that sometime 😄 it’d get all those juices in there for sure!

  31. waywardgrain says:

    @doubble_b gotta get a spray bottle and try. The flame is dancing with the devil. Too much heat and it gels instanly with horrible results.

  32. waywardgrain says:

    @shahidzadehreza maybe 3” some of the holes went all the way through.

  33. waywardgrain says:

    @jasonchasedesignerofawesome I second that! 🤬

  34. redfishwoodworks says:

    Yeah, I’ve had this chamber for awhile. I’m going with a company called entropy, they make a product called super sap ccr and have a slow hardener. It’s like liquid plastic, but you get double the amount for the price and it cures rock hard and clear as water with no bubbles. @waywardgrain

  35. doubble_b says:

    @waywardgrain yes it does. I've done that.

  36. kylenoonandesigns says:

    Absolutely. If you look at this video around 22:40 he shows it in use.

  37. kylenoonandesigns says:

    @waywardgrain sorry here is the link https://youtu.be/QnKg49cXnNs

  38. b_inspireddesigns says:

    @waywardgrain I am far from @billnye and kloser to Velcro shoes however I think itbis some sort of science voodoo . Our body will expel co2 so blowing works just requires some healthy lungs or a vigorous libido😂. The propane needs the gas for it to release the CO2 as it is a by product (magic) of the two... but again... I'm a bit slow 🤓

  39. beyondstockllc says:

    @waywardgrain Thank you! This project has to be crystal clear. It's an ants nest in the slab that we are painting gold to look like a gold abyss, so if it isn't clear it will look weird. Otherwise we wouldn't be so picky. Thanks for the info, super helpful!

  40. koawoodbeauty says:

    Layers: First layer of resin to just cover voids, holes, pores in the wood. Successive layers to fill as needed. Propane torch for small bubbles. I’ve found this to reduce bubbles with little additional tools. ...though it increases work time

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