[Diningroomdecor] This Big Beautiful Buffet Seriously Needed Some Love And Thank Goodness Her Owner Pulled Her Out Of That Bat To Give Her The Life She Deserves She Had Water Damage To The Degree Diningroomdecor

This Big Beautiful Buffet Seriously Needed Some Love And Thank Goodness Her Owner Pulled Her Out Of That Bat To Give Her The Life She Deserves She Had Water Damage To The Degree Diningroomdecor

This big beautiful buffet seriously needed some love and thank goodness her owner pulled her out of that basement to give her the life she deserves. She had water damage to the degree that her feet needed replacing and one leg had to be rebuilt. The veneer was buckled in several places and was removed. She also needed to be freshened up as she had that must smell that isn't too attractive. The entire piece was stripped and sanded as the finish was crackled and peeling in areas. The top was painted with a thinned down milk paint from generalfinishes and topped with Flat Out Flat Topcoat by General Finishes. The body was painted with anniesloanhome chalk paint and varnished with Wise Owl matte varnish. The inside was freshened up with the amazing Wise Owl Lemon Verbena Furniture Salve which not only acts as a sealer but takes care of that must smell. All hardware was removed and cleaned and polished for a little bit of sparkle. And This Life Goes On thomasmachinteriors wiseowlpaint creative creativeentrepeneur instashop furnitureoftheday furnitureofinstagram instafurniture ThisLifeGoesOn buffettable diningroomdecor homefurnishings creative vintagefurniture vintage heirloom familyheirloom family

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  1. aminidesignashburn says:

    Rhonda this is gorgeous πŸ’•β€πŸ˜

  2. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @thomasmachinteriors Thanks so much Thomas times two, for the compliment and for giving me the paint! :-)

  3. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @susans_hidden_treasures thanks lady!! :-)

  4. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @aminidesignashburn thanks so much!! :-)

  5. themotherofreinvention says:

    This is gorgeous!!! 😍

  6. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @themotherofreinvention thank you so much :-)

  7. piece_by_piece_oh says:

    😍 beautiful rhonda!

  8. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @piece_by_piece_oh thank you Missie! :-)

  9. designonvine1009 says:

    Amazing - great job, she is gorgeous!!

  10. galbraithjanice says:


  11. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @designonvine1009 thank you! I appreciate that! :-)

  12. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @galbraithjanice thank you! :-)

  13. houseofaalia says:

    Superb !

  14. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @houseofaalia thank you so much! :-)

  15. thecreativecigale says:

    Whoa, what a show-stopper!❀️ What incredible work you've done on such an exquisite pieceπŸ’•You go girl!😍

  16. thebluedaffodil says:

    Wow that is amazing! Stunningly beautiful Rhonda πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  17. surrey_lane_home says:

    Wow!!!!! So beautiful!! You did an amazing job Rhonda!!!

  18. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @thecreativecigale thank you, you sweet thing! :-)

  19. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @thebluedaffodil that you so much! Truly appreciated :-)

  20. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @surrey_lane_home thank you so much!!! :-)

  21. callesredesigns says:

    Rhonda! This is so amazing!

  22. my_home_matters says:

    Rhonda! This is absolutely gorgeous! What a transformation!!!!

  23. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @callesredesigns thank you Calle! :-)

  24. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @my_home_matters thank you Laura! She sure was a mess!! :-)

  25. thecharminghome says:

    I love this.

  26. feryalturker says:

    Gorgeous piece.

  27. thecreativecigale says:

    @thislifegoesonllc I only speak the truth!πŸ˜‡

  28. do_dodson_designs says:


  29. red_dog_redo says:

    Love the gray with the brass hardware.

  30. bygones2now says:

    Beautiful restoration πŸ’•πŸ’•

  31. chamshabib says:

    Wow gorgeous

  32. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @thecreativecigale :-)

  33. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @thecharminghome thank you, I kind of do too. Didn't want to see her leave.

  34. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @feryalturker thank you for the compliment!

  35. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @do_dodson_designs thank you so much. It's an honor hearing from you.

  36. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @red_dog_redo thank you so much! I am liking that combination as well.

  37. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @bygones2now thank you! :-)

  38. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @chamshabib thank you Chams! I hope you are still finding time to paint.

  39. thesalvagedsunflower says:

    Absolutely beautiful!🌻

  40. thislifegoesonllc says:

    @thesalvagedsunflower thank you! :-)

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