[Diningroom] Diningroom The New Dining Set Is Finally Complete And I Am So Happy With It The Benches And Underframe Of The Table Are From Ikeauk And The Chairs Are From Ebay Uk The Top Is The Masterpiece

Diningroom The New Dining Set Is Finally Complete And I Am So Happy With It The Benches And Underframe Of The Table Are From Ikeauk And The Chairs Are From Ebay Uk The Top Is The Masterpiece

The new dining set is finally complete And I am so happy with it The benches and underframe of the table are from ikeauk and the chairs are from ebay uk. The top is the masterpiece as I made it Just planks of wood connected together connected to the base and then sanded and stained. What do you guys think . dining diningroom diningroomdecor diningtable diningroomtable diningtabledecor diningtabledesign diningroominspo diningroomgoals dininroomdesign homeimprovement houseproject homeproject homedesign homedecor homewares myhomevibe homemade diy diyqueen kitchendiner

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  1. missmarialouisee says:

    Brill well done should be proud looks amazing! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  2. charlotte_rose_14 says:

    Amazing, i' d be mega proud if I'd made that..looks exactly like on of the very expensive ones. Xxx

  3. carla_tarryx says:

    Looks amazing! Can you make me one?! This is exactly what I’m looking for x

  4. homeofthebears says:

    @the_eiders_nest thank you x

  5. homeofthebears says:

    @bookish_penguin thank you x

  6. homeofthebears says:

    @missmarialouisee thank you, I sure am proud of myself. X

  7. homeofthebears says:

    @charlotte_rose_14 thanks I am proud. I couldn’t afford the table I really wanted so I made it 😊 x

  8. homeofthebears says:

    @carla_tarryx thank you. It’s really not difficult to do! X

  9. katrushj says:


  10. homeofthebears says:

    @katrushj thanks mum 😊 x

  11. joanne.s.1 says:

    It looks great, I would love to try. Where did you get the base of you don't mind me asking?

  12. homeofthebears says:

    @joanne.s.1. Thank you. The underframe is from IKEA.

  13. katrushj says:

    @homeofthebears You're definitely a Sydor! 😘😘😘

  14. lifeatnumber70 says:

    Love it! Well done lovely πŸ‘πŸΌ we’re shopping for a dinner table & looking at IKEA - love how you’ve set up the chairs at the ends 😍

  15. bronalaw says:

    I love it 😍😍😍

  16. homeofthebears says:

    @lifeatnumber70. Thank you. I’m so happy with it. IKEA do table tops if you wanted something similar without the hassle of making your own. X

  17. homeofthebears says:

    @bronalaw. Thanks Brona x

  18. vandaer says:

    You have done a grand job πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  19. coraliethompson_sw says:

    @homeofthebears can I please ask how much the base and benches cost? We are wanting a new table! And yours looks fab? Xx

  20. homeofthebears says:

    @vandaer thank you 😊

  21. homeofthebears says:

    @coraliethompson_sw the underframe is £60 and the benches are £40 each. Thank you 😊 x

  22. coraliethompson_sw says:

    @homeofthebears thank u for your reply! Hoping to go to Ikea at the weekend so will have a look! Are they sturdy? We have looked at sets but they are so expensive! Xx

  23. our_family_home_ says:

    Love this! Fab Ikea hack! πŸ‘Œ

  24. homeofthebears says:

    @coraliethompson_sw. They are sturdy and I would definitely recommend. They do table tops as well if you wanted a similar look. Yeah they can get so expensive which is why I made this. X

  25. homeofthebears says:

    @our_family_home_ thank you x

  26. joanne.s.1 says:

    @homeofthebears oh really, must have a look. Thanks 😊

  27. behindthedoorofno4 says:

    It's gorgeous, love your style! 😍

  28. homeofthebears says:

    @sew_loved_ thank you x

  29. irenesydor says:

    Wow fantastic Colette!! You are so clever x

  30. homeofthebears says:

    @irenesydor thank you 😊 x

  31. alabama_whitman says:

    It’s perfect! You could make them to sell!

  32. vanillalady says:


  33. homeofthebears says:

    @alabama_whitman. Thank you 😊 x

  34. ashleighlouiseshaw says:

    Wow! You’ve done such a good job 😍

  35. newly_wed_new_house says:

    Looks fab! Do you know the seller of the chairs please? X

  36. homeofthebears says:

    @newly_wed_new_house. Thanks. The seller is called β€˜furniturerman’. x

  37. newly_wed_new_house says:

    Thankyou x

  38. life_at_no.17 says:

    Looks great! Well done 😊 x

  39. storyofbanksy says:

    @homeofthebears have you got the salt and pepper etc on a little chopping board? The whole thing looks great! X

  40. homeofthebears says:

    @storyofbanksy. Yeah they’re on a marble cheeseboard technically. Thank you x

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